The equipment you need for Hypopressive Exercise

Equipment bundle

Get the most out of The Reset with our equipment bundle. Release tension in your diaphragm with the balls, and add extra resistance to your training with the bands.

  • 2 myofascial release massage balls
  • long resistance band – make the breathing technique more effective
  • loop resistance band – activate your arms correctly for best results

$ 26.99

Myofascial release massage balls × 2

Long resistance band

Loop resistance band

Myofascial release balls – advanced

These massage balls are harder and give more resistance than those in the equimpent bundle.

If you’ve been using the balls from the equipment bundle for a while and notice they are not uncomfortable anymore, then it’s time to upgrade so you can keep seeing more results!

They are the same size as the original massage balls, but harder, while still being safe to use. You get 2 balls with your order. Available in black only.

$ 19.99

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