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Have You Been Told

Surgery Is Your “Only Option” Or That You Should Just “Accept Your Body” The Way It Is Now?

Have you tried endless kegels, core strengthening programs and treatments?

And still feel like your body doesn’t work the way you want it to?

Does it feel like whatever you try, whatever exercise routine, treatment or even diet, you are still stuck with pain, pelvic pressure, leaks or looking “pregnant”?

I’ve been there too, and The Reset saved my life.

As seen in

The Reset with hypopressives as seen in

«Before I started The Reset, I struggled with pressure in my pelvic floor from prolapse, bad posture, pain in my pelvis, and leaks…
I also had bad acid reflux, but didn’t think it was related to my other issues.
I thought The Reset sounded too good to be true, but I was having such a hard time, so I joined the program.
I have to tell you – this program is the future… IT WORKS!
Since I started the program I have no issues with pain, and ALL my symptoms are either gone or hardly noticeable. And I was able to go off my acid reflux meds after being on them for 10 years, it turned out it was all from tension in my diaphragm which is one of the first things you work on when starting the program – I can’t believe it!

I can jump on the trampoline with my kids, I never thought I would do that again without leaking!
I had been told over and over that my pains/issues were “common”, and it may be so, but everyone deserves a life where they can run, play, and do exactly what they want!”



“After having 5 kids in 6 years, the last of which were twins, I felt like my body had been completely rearranged on the inside. I thought it was impossible to do anything about my stomach, it had been over a year since my last pregnancy and I still looked 8 months pregnant. I had such a huge diastasis recti (over 9 cm!), I didn’t understand how I could fix it without surgery – but with 5 kids, there is no way I could get any downtime for recovery! People kept asking me if I was having another and I just wanted to stay inside and not have anyone look at me.
But now – my waistline is back after just a few months and I can lift both of my youngest at the same time without pain! And I just keep getting stronger! I am so eternally grateful, I don’t have the words! “


Mom of 5

“The Reset is an incredibly effective training program, easy to learn, and super quick to do! My back and pelvis have gotten so much stronger, even at my age (69). I had 2 grade 3 prolapses and had my date booked for surgery, but now the pressure in my pelvic floor is gone, and I have no back pain!
I canceled my surgery as I can now live life the way I want without any symptoms. I was so surprised at how quickly I got results, even though I’d had my issues for over 30 years and my doctor told me I would not be able to avoid surgery. Well we showed him!
It also looks like I lost about 20 pounds, but I haven’t budged on the scale – my core is just that much stronger. My grandkids are so happy I can play with them as much as they want – thank you!!!”


Mom and Grandma

My Name Is Sadie

I Am The Founder Of The Reset Program, And I Found The Answer…

I was exactly where you are now – I had constant pressure in my pelvic floor, bulging, pelvic organ prolapse (grade 3), pelvic and back pain, I still looked pregnant many months postpartum…

I was terribly depressed and couldn’t empty my bladder properly, and even having a complete bowel movement was an issue. I tried EVERYTHING, and at the very best I got very slight temporary results. Finally, 14 months postpartum with my first child, I was told surgery was my only option.

But I refused to listen to the “experts” who kept telling me my fate was sealed. Finally, I found a completely new approach I hadn’t heard of, and it instantly made sense. It was a combination of hypopressive training and tension release exercises.

I started doing the exercises, and a week later (a week!) I was able to go for my very first walk with my daughter with no symptoms. My life was changed forever. I kept training, adding in different approaches… 6 months later I was symptom – free and completely recovered!

I knew I couldn’t keep this to myself, so I dusted off my previous PT education and did a ton of professional training and multiple certifications in order to be able to teach these techniques to others.

Women heard my story and started contacting me to teach them, and a movement started to grow. Over the last few years, I have helped over 7000 women around the world get back to a body that works the way THEY want to, without prolapse, leaks, pain or diastasis recti! I can’t wait for you to join us!

The Reset is a 12-week program based on Hypopressive exercises

Hypopressive exercises are completely different from any core/pelvic floor training you may have tried before.

We combine unique breathing techniques with alignement/posture training in order to strengthen your whole body while regaining the function in your pelvic floor and core (it sounds complicated, but I promise you EVERYONE can do it!).

The exercises are done in short, efficient 15 min workouts.

You don’t have to be “in shape” or even flexible to get results. You’ll learn the techniques step by step, throughout the program. No prior knowledge needed.

The Reset

12 Weeks To Get Rid Of Pain, Leaks, Pressure, Diastasis Recti – Even If You’ve Struggled For Years


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3 Monthly Payments of $219, $657 in total

  • Hypopressive Exercise Program (Value $990)
  • Techniques for tension release (Value $390)
  • Bonus video library (Value $390)
  • Guide to injury-free exercise (Value $290)
  • Avoid common mistakes (bonus!) ($290)
  • Unlimited follow-up (priceless!)
  • VIP facebook group (priceless!)
  • LIVE sessions with me (Value $990)

Total Value: $3050

Regular sales price: $699

Success Stories

I’ve helped more than 7000 women over the last few years, and counting!

Here are some personal stories of women who had all kinds of issues symptoms, and had tried “everything” without any improvement, until they found The Reset and began putting into practice the SPECIFIC and REVOLUTIONARY techniques i guide you through in my 12-week course.

Go straight to success stories about:

Pelvic Organ Prolapse


Diastasis Recti

   Pelvic & back pain

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Success Stories

How I've helped women heal from prolapse

You've probably heard that the key to relief from prolapse is to do pelvic floor exercises, or kegels. This is a common misunderstanding, as many women with prolapse also have excessive tightness in their pelvic floors as a result, and exercising the muscles even more only worsens the problem. 

With The Reset techniques we're able to, on average, reverse up two to three grades of prolapse (regardless of the type of prolapse). For most women, this means getting rid of all of their symptoms (bulging, pressure, dragging, incomplete emptying, leaks, difficulty with intercourse, etc). 

The Reset works holistically to reverse all the underlying issues leading up to prolapse, and you will actually be able to FEEL your prolapses lifting with every exercise - until they are no longer an issue. 

Heal pelvic organ prolapse with The Reset

“I can sit, stand and walk without pain after just a few months of following The Reset program!

I know now that I had prolapse after my first, but my doctor then told me I was imagining things, and I just thought that was the way my body was after having a baby. When I got pregnant with my second, I had so many symptoms that I had to constantly know where the nearest toilet was, to avoid accidents...

But after just a few months of following this program, my prolapses are not noticeable and I can take my son in the stroller as far as I want! And I don't have to push on my vaginal opening when going to the bathroom!

I feel like The Reset is magic, even though it is you who has to do the exercises"


Mom of 2

“I am a midwife and I work with women every day who suffer from pelvic organ prolapse, leaks, pain… And I see how pelvic floor physical therapy and other approaches, even surgery and pessary use, fall short. 
My wshifts are long, there is a lot of baby-catching in weird unsupported positions, and I just could not ignore the symptoms of heaviness and pressure I was having from prolapse… I knew I had to do something, I didn’t want it to get worse. 
I am so impressed by the techniques in The Reset, and I really just want to shout it from the rooftops. One thing is what you see in my pictures, I haven’t lost a single pound and the difference in my body is HUGE. But I am most happy with what you can’t see - no pressure, leaks, no sore and achy back… I am back on my runs in the woods behind my house, and supporting women at work without putting my body in jeopardy. I recommend this course to my patients every chance I get. I wish we had this as a postpartum class in the hospital, imagine how many people we could help!”  


Mom of 2, Midwife

“This course should be mandatory for all women! I can’t wrap my head around how this is not recommended at every maternity ward everywhere. I’ve learned and understood so much and I can really feel my entire pelvic floor being lifted into place with every single exercise! Amazing!”

Ingrid Benneche

Mom of 2

“I originally found Sadie and The Reset in order to do something about the dragging feeling in my pelvic floor, as I had grade 2-3 bladder, uterus and rectum prolapse prolapse og my bladder, uterus and rectum. Little did I know I would end up discovering I had a 3 inch diastasis recti I had probably been living with since my youngest warn (35 years ago!!!) and that was probably contributing to all my aches and pains and other symptoms.
After using The Reset for just two months, I was able to close my diastasis (they told me my stomach was big because I had gained weight during menopause! liars), get rid of my back aches and have to dragging/pressure feeling anymore. I had no idea these things were connected and I am forever grateful that I found Sadie and this program and was able to do something about it, even at my age. I can’t wait to chase after my grandkids for many years to come. I tell my daughters and all their friends about this, no one should have to live with their issues as long as I had to!”


Mom of 3, Grandmother of 6

Get your body back. Get your life back.

Diastasis Recti Success Stories

How I've helped women heal from diastasis recti

The common misconception is that diastasis recti can be "fixed" by activating the deep core musculature alone. Research (and maybe even your own experience!) shows us this doesn't work. 

Rather, we need to strengthen the connective tissue BETWEEN the abdominal muscles, as well as reverse the pressure in the core, in order to both heal the separation as well as get your core functioning properly again!

We have worked with thousands of women to reverse diastasis recti, yes, even severe cases where women were told surgery was their "only option". 

Heal diastasis recti with The Reset

“I’ve danced most of my life, having control of my body and feeling strong and stable, as well as being able to do any activity I’ve wanted to has been part of who I am as long as I can remember.
I was on bed rest during my pregnancy, and after birth I realised I had lost all muscle function in my body, I felt weak and old… And I started leaking all the time. Just walking slowly across the street caused leaks, and I had to wear thick pads, know where all the nearest toilets were, and plan every outing carefully, always having extra clothes with me… It was mortifying, and I had never imagined my life postpartum could be like this.
I had been to pelvic floor physical therapy, I had tried kegel exercises and even different tools like the Elvie, but nothing worked.
When I started The Reset I was hopeful, but to be honest I didn’t expect much. Well, just a few weeks in the leaks were GONE. Not just walking, but jogging, jumping, carrying, sneezing, I can do all of it again leak free. And my body is once again nimble and stable… I can’t wait for my kiddo to start nursing less so I can maybe take a little dance class on my own. I didn’t think it was ever going to be possible again…. THANK YOU!"


Mom of 2

“I didn’t really have that many issues postpartum, not a lot of pain or leaks… So I thought, do I even need this? But I had a nagging feeling, my body just felt kind of weak and achy, and I have to admit I didn’t feel very confident with my belly looking like I was 6 months pregnant. I decided to give it a try, and to be honest I wish I had started sooner. My posture is so much better, my waist is back, and I no longer feel old and achy when I get up in the morning (unless of course the munchkins have kept me up all night)...
I feel like I can live my life in this strong body that has given birth to two children and can still do whatever I want. If you feel like you “don’t have enough issues” to try this, think again!”


Mom of 2

Get your body back. Get your life back.

Leaks (Incontinence) Success Stories

How I've helped women heal from Leaks (Incontinence)

Many women are told leaks and incontinence are strength issues – that they have to strengthen their pelvic floors in order to get rid of these issues. But did you know that a pelvic floor that is too tight can also cause leaks? And that leaks are actually a PRESSURE MANAGEMENT issue and not a strength issue

Whether you are experiencing leaks with activity (jumping, running, lifting), or whether it’s sneezing/coughing, or even if you are leaking when nothing seems to be happening, we address the ROOT CAUSE with The Reset techniques – you will retrain your pelvic floor to react to pressure, as well as release tension and build strength without adding tightness.

Heal leaks (incontinence) with The Reset

“I’ve had three kids, so I know how leaks that happen when you least expect it can impact your feeling of freedom… when exercising, playing or just doing errands and daily chores… But the feeling of NOT having leaks, whether it be during my exercise routine or on the trampoline with the kids, is AMAZING! I can’t recommend this program enough.
I love to be active, I love weightlifting and martial arts, climbing, swimming... and The Reset allows me to live the life I want and enjoy moving my body in ways that bring me joy without having to worry about bothersome leaks!.”

Silje (36)

Mom of 3

“I thought leaks and other issues were things I had to live with as I was getting older. I'd had the issues for so long, I got used to planning around them.

But now I can run for the bus worry-free, play with my granddaughter without worrying about leaks or pain, and take long car trips without having to plan for my bladder!

And I feel so much stronger!” 

Susana (75)

Mom of 1, grandma of 1

“I started following the techniques in The Reset when I was 4 months postpartum, after my 5th baby was born. Up until then, I had had prolapse symptoms, leaks, and felt like my core and pelvis were really unstable. Luckily I am a birth worker so I knew what signs to look for, and had been following Sadie for a while so I knew this was the right way to go. After just 8 weeks of following the program, my bladder prolapse was hardly noticeable and the incontinence had vanished. The pain and discomfort in my pelvic area and the dragging feeling in my pelvic floor disappeared. In 5 months, my diastasis recti was completely healed and my core strength had improved a lot. I feel free and strong again. I can run, jump, hike, dance and play with my children and my body does not set any limits. I am so happy I can enjoy my life with my family and all my kids without issues. Sadie is a great teacher and even with limited time I was able to put these techniques into practice in order to heal.”


Mom of 5

Get your body back. Get your life back.

Back/Pelvic Pain Success Stories

How I've helped women heal from Back/Pelvic pain

So many women suffer from lower back pain and pelvic pain and it holds them back from living the life they want

You may have been told to strengthen your back in order to treat this. Or strengthen your core. You might feel like some exercise helps temporarily, or maybe you even experience exercise making it worse. 

This type of pain often comes from a combination of factors: weakened connective tissue, too much pressure on the spine, as well as core and pelvic floor that are not firing properly. The Reset works to reverse all these underlying issues, thousands of women have used The Reset techniques to avoid surgery as well 🙂

Heal back/pelvic pain with The Reset

“Sadie saved my body and my health almost two years ago, after I had my baby boy. This is the “after” pic and it feels amazing to have a flat and strong belly again, but my back was the real issue. It’s better and better every day, and I am closer and closer to my goal: to be able to exercise the way I want, without back pain, and play with my two-year-old son, not just watch from the sidelines while he plays with his dad! So grateful for The Reset!”



“I recommend The Reset and Sadie Lawler with all my heart. It really should be part of the information you get from midwives and nurses postpartum, so many women would be better off!“

Siri (34)

Mom of 2

“I don’t have children and I’ve never been pregnant, but I'd had constant back and stomach pain for many years. I can honestly say I had tried everything, and kind of resigned myself to living with my problems. But after following The Reset for just a few weeks, I have absolutely no pain! The fact that my waist is back is a great side effect too. I can’t recommend this course enough!!"

Kristine (40)

“I literally recommend this course to everyone. If you want to live your life without pain holding you back, there is just nothing like it!”


Mom of 3

Get your body back. Get your life back.

The Reset is your ticket to

  • The quickest way to get your body “back”
  • Get rid of pressure and pelvic organ prolapse symptoms
  • Connect with your pelvic floor again
  • Get rid of back pain and pelvic pain, as well as a myriad of other aches and pains

  • Strengthen your core the RIGHT way
  • Get rid of embarassing leaks
  • Get your sex drive back
  • Discover techniques that are easy and effective
  • Stop looking “pregnant”

Envision This Course As Your

Personal motivator over 12 weeks


Assessing where you are and why you have the issues you do!


Basic breathing technique & key release techniques to optimize progress


Start building your series – learn the first two poses and mobility


Keep building – two more poses and deeper alignment work


Getting more advanced! Poses and activation gets more intense


Technique upgrade – maximize your results!


Technique upgrade – maximize your results!


Advanced poses and deepening technique


Final pose


Practice with all the elements in place – feel the results!


Practice with all the elements in place – feel the results!


Final assessment, evaluate your progress and plan the way forward!

How does the course work?

I (Sadie) Found The Secret

To A Life Filled With Confidence And Without Pain, Leaks Or Pressure

And I Want To Share This Game-Changing Information With You!

Hi, my name is Sadie Lawler, I am a women’s health PT and a hypopressives Master Trainer.

There was a time when I, like you now, didn’t know if I would ever get better. I didn’t know if it was possible, and the road to recovery was unclear and filled with “experts” telling me I would never be the same again.

But after healing myself and THOUSANDS of others, I have made it my mission to show you the way.

I’ve taken out all the guesswork, and made you the roadmap to recovery. And I will be here to guide you every step of the way.

Because I know that you may not be feeling great about your body now, postpartum, during menopause, or after injury… even though you really should, because your body has been through something incredible, and has done the best it could with the tools it had. I am here to give you the tools you need, to get you all the way to where you want to be.

Bonuses You Get Access To


Bonus #1 :

How to release pelvic floor – Value $47

How to effectively release your pelvic floor (do you feel bulging, leaks or pressure? This is for you!)

Bonus #2 :

Live Q & A with sadie – Value $197

With Sadie every two weeks to answer your questions and help you get results!

Bonus #3 :

Release c-section scar tissue – Value $47

The RIGHT way to release c-section scar tissue for complete core recovery!

Bonus #4 :

VIP FB group – Invaluable!

Ask anything you want without being afraid of who will read it! Get answers fast and all the support you need to succeed!

Bonus #5 :

How to release tension in your belly – Value $47

Learn abdominal massage inspired by ancient techniques, the best way to release tension around your pelvic organs and abdominal muscles so you can recover as quickly as possible!

Combined value of these 5 bonuses is $385 – That’s $385 Worth Of Value That You Can Get For Free If You Act Now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of exercises make up the program? DO I need to be fit?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The exercises are a combination of a specific breathing technique as well as postural training and have NOTHING to do with what kind of shape you are in. You can do them no matter how in/”out of” shape you are, how strong you are or how much experience you may have with exercise. It’s about regaining control and connection with this area of your body, and most exercises are quite “static”.

Do I need to know how do to hypopressives before i start?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! I explain everything in detail, throughout every week of the program – you don’t have to worry about doing it wrong – we go through all the common pitfalls and make sure what you are doing WORKS!”
How soon postpartum can I start?
5-6 weeks.
You should be finished bleeding, and at least 6 weeks need to have passed if there were interventions during the birth (c-section, episiotomy, bigger tears, etc)
Is it hard to follow the videos?
NO! The technique is explained in detail and we always show you common mistakes so you can avoid them!
Can this help even if I don't have children?
YES, I HAVE HELPED SO MANY! Back pain, leaks and prolapse are a part of many women’s lives even if they have never had children. These techniques have helped thousands of women towards a functional, strong body!
How does the course work exactly?
GOOD QUESTION! For every step, you have a “learn” and a “practice” video – for every step of the way you learn a new technique, and once you are ready to add it to your series, you simply follow the “practice” video which tells you exactly what to do – so you remember every cue and detail!
How long are the routines and can I do them at home?
15 tiny little minutes at most, 4 times a week. You can ABSOLUTELY do them at home! Or you can do them before or after your routine at the gym, or your run (eventually!)
How long until I see results?
FROM JUST A FEW DAYS TO 10 WEEKS! It depends on your starting point, how much tension you hold in your body, your mobility and how long you have been suffering from these issues (we go through all of this in your initial assessment when you start the course). Many experience a big difference in the first few weeks, but it may take a bit longer for you if you have been struggling for a while – but definitely within the first 8-10 weeks!
I'm pregnant - can I take the course?

Sadly, no. We are putting together a course for pregnancy, but for now you’ll have to wait until the baby is earthside.

Do I have to show up at certain times?

NO, everything you need is in the video library. You get access to it FOREVER, and you can follow at your own pace

, even though we have a recommended amount of time you should spend on each step.

What is the total cost?

The total price for the program is $599 or $657 if you choose the split payment option due to processing fees.

How long does it take?

THE COURSE IS 12 WEEKS – you get new techniques and poses to implement every other week. You have lifetime access and will always be able to follow the videos. Some like to “dabble” with the exercises, but we would recommend completing the whole 12-week course first.

I am sure that my course will improve and strengthen your body, and I want you to feel completely comfortable with your decision. I want you to feel safe.

Guarantee: If you feel that my 12-week course does not help you feel better in your body after having put into practice all the techniques and exercises in the course, I’ll give you your money back.

Are you ready to take the next step and get your body, confidence, and life back so that you can reclaim a life filled with joy?

If you are pregnant, this course is not for you. We are currently working on a pregnancy-friendly course, but for now, you will have to wait until after birth. We can’t wait to see you then!

This course is not intended to diagnose or treat serious medical conditions. Please consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious symptoms, as well as if you are unsure about whether or not you are cleared to exercise.

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